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A Naya Rivera/ Heather Morris Community

A Naya Rivera/Heather Morris Community
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r u l e s
one - All entries made to the community must relate to Naya Rivera and Heather Morris from Glee. This can be either of them as a couple or of the girls individually. The mods reserve the right to ask for any entry that doesn't deal specifically with Naya, Heather, or Heya, in some way, to be removed.
two - No flamming, bashing, trolling, spamming, or otherwise antagonizing, will be tolerated. Basically, keep the drama out of the community. If you have any issues with another member's behaviour take it up with one of the mods.
three - Before making an entry, please make sure to go back a few pages and through the archives to make sure that it hasn't already been posted.
four - Entries containing more than one image or gif, three or more icons, three or more thumbnails of images, more than one embedded video, more than a paragraph from an interview or article, or any combination of these must all be put behind a cut. Entries with content that is deemed NSFW must be accompanied by a disclaimer and also put under a cut. How to make an lj-cut.
five - All fanfiction, no matter how long or short, must be put behind a cut. When submitting fics, please make sure to include at least the following :
six - All entries must have a title, otherwise they will not be archived properly. It can even be 'no title', if you want. Just put something. Don't forget to appropriately tag your entries. If a tag isn't already available, just ask a mod for one and it will be made. Tagging guidelines.
seven - Please put spoiler warnings when applicable. Stills and caps from Glee will not be considered spoilers unless they somehow hint at an important plot point.
eight - Before advertising for another community, contest, or anything else, please run your ad by the mods first as a formality.
nine - Additional rules about posting, format, and general rules can be found here.

d i s c l a i m e r
nayaheather is in no way affiliated with, nor makes any claims to know, the real actresses Naya Rivera or Heather Morris, or any other real persons mentionned. Any and all RPF fics are based purely on imagination and do not claim to be real. The contents of this community are speculative in nature and are not meant to be disrespectful.